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Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You’re tired of being weighed down by past trauma—and often find yourself stuck in patterns that stop you from getting the relationship you want.

  • You and your partner are constantly fighting over everything and can’t seem to break out of this toxic cycle. You wonder if you should leave or if you should fight for the relationship.

  • You’re possibly contemplating divorce or desperately trying to save an unhappy relationship out of loneliness or uncertainty about the future—but you want a way forward.

  • You feel trapped by society’s standards when it comes to finding love and feel so left behind when it comes to meeting the right partner.

  • You’re confused about why you keep attracting partners that are bad for you, and often find yourself in toxic relationships again and again, no matter how hard you try.

  • You want to break free from the toxic patterns holding you back in relationships and learn the secret to sustaining healthy, fulfilling connections.

If you answered YES to any of the above, you’re in the right place.

Introducing the Dream Relationship Challenge: A transformative 7-day journey that will guide you towards attracting, building, and creating your dream relationship.

Whether you’re single and looking for your ideal partner, in a relationship and wondering if or how to fix it, or even somewhere in between, this challenge IS for you.

Now, this isn't your typical self-help program: it's a holistic approach that focuses on the foundational importance of cultivating a positive and healthy relationship with yourself first, so you can manifest the love you deserve—in every aspect of your life.

Ready for your dream relationship?

When you join the

7-Day Dream Relationship Challenge, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize and overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from your own growth and healing, along with finding a fulfilling relationship

  • Discover the power of the "Be. Do. Have" framework, guiding you to manifest the relationships you’ve always wanted—whether it’s your current one or a new one

  • Uncover the 3-part transformative process to addressing emotional wounds, reshaping your beliefs, and fostering self-love so you can create lasting, positive change in your relationships

  • Improve your ability to navigate your inner landscape, build your level of self-awareness and tap back into your personal power

  • And most importantly, feel empowered to break free from toxic relationships and attract the love and ideal partner you deserve

Ready to create your dream relationship?

Meet your Coach,

Danny Morel

Meet Danny Morel, the life coach and spiritual leader empowering hundreds of thousands all over the world to live their absolute best lives.

From a young age, Danny made a powerful commitment to rise above the welfare system, becoming a homeowner in an affluent neighborhood by the age of 21. With a thriving real estate career, Danny's success soared, but he still felt a deep inner discontent after the passing of his mother in 2016.

This profound loss sparked a spiritual journey, leading Danny to confront his emotional demons, embrace ancient healing modalities, and open his heart to love.

Motivated by the wisdom that true happiness and power lie within, he founded AwakenU, a membership program dedicated to guiding others toward abundant living.

Today, Danny empowers individuals to embark on their own healing journey, discovering personal love and happiness while rising to life's challenges.


Thanks Danny for helping us ground ourselves into the balanced divine masculine and feminine.

I've seen the shift from the first Awaken to today and all I can say is WOW and I'm GRATEFUL!!!

I know many others feel the same way and I appreciate each and everyone one of you. Each of our journeys is medicine to me and vice-versa.



I was just triggered yesterday in one of my relationships. 'old me' would have lashed out, but 'conscious me' knows there's something deeper to unwind.

I had the awareness to tell my partner "I feel this way and I need to step back."

Thank you Danny for your loving guidance and real-life examples!


I was journaling after listening to Danny and some old stuff came up which led to tears and a good emotional release.

So many of the stories that I had been carrying around led to inviting in people that were energetically aligned at one point in time but are no longer aligned because my energy has shifted.

Thank you Danny!


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7-Day Dream Relationship Challenge (Value: $499)

A free 7-day challenge for those who are single and looking to attract their dream partner, those in relationships who want to deepen their intimacy, or any individuals in-between who are ready to create the love and connections they deserve.

Bonus #1: Entry to Win a Ticket to Awaken Weekend Event (Value: $777)

Get the chance to attend one of Danny’s "Awaken" events for free. Immerse yourself in a weekend full of empowering workshops, expert speakers, and life-changing breakthroughs. Expand your personal growth and take a leap towards your dream relationship.

Bonus #2: Free Meditation (Value: $29)

I'll be sharing with you a guided meditation to enhance your mindfulness and well-being. Listen to this to deepen your journey towards self-love and healthier relationships. Find peace, clarity, and inner strength as you attract and create the relationship of your dreams.



Yours Today for: FREE

Starts on March 4th at 9 am PST | 12 pm EST

Day 1: The Secret to Creating Your Dream Relationship

Discover the foundational secret to attracting fulfilling relationships: building a harmonious relationship with yourself. Explore the essential elements of mastering relationships, honoring both mind and heart, and uncovering fragmented aspects within. Embark on a 3-part process of awakening, healing, and transforming to create the life and love you desire.

Day 2: The 3-Part Transformation Process

Dive into the three vital stages of awakening, healing, and transforming. Begin the process of self-discovery, addressing hidden aspects within yourself, and embracing a holistic approach to your personal growth.

Day 3: Identify Limiting Beliefs

Explore the healing process of identifying and understanding limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Recognize the origins of these beliefs and learn how to challenge and overcome them for personal growth and empowerment.

Day 4: Be Present

Learn the importance of being present, stepping away from the constant pursuit, and diving into heart-based presence. Practice the art of stillness, reconnect with Mother Earth, and implement mindful approaches to daily life.

Day 5: Go Within

Explore the significance of going within, understanding your relationship with life, and embracing discomfort for personal breakthroughs. Connect with your inner self, look in the mirror, and engage in a mirror activity with affirmations.

Day 6: Embody Be. Do. Have.

Shift your perspective from living outside in to inside out. Understand the power of being, the choice to be stressed or free, and the transformative potential of the Be. Do. Have. mindset. Engage in a choice exercise to align your being with your desires.

Day 7: Live a Courageous Life

Embrace the final step of healing by living a courageous life. Face fears, take risks, and incorporate communication skills. Explore key aspects of courageous living and engage in a courageous conversation to improve a relationship in your life.

The Ultimate Journey to Loving Yourself and Creating Your Dream Relationship

Starts on March 4th at 9 am PST | 12 pm EST

The challenge has now ended.

Registrations are closed for this time round!

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